Complete packaging production

Pre-print preparation

Preparation of data consist in processing printing materials in a way preventing complications during printing and finalising products. Depending on a type of order we provide CTP or lithography.

Creating and delivering print-ready data

Packaging construction drafts

Optimal shape of packages and boxes is designed in computer programs. Based on our long-time experience, we are able to recommend you the most suitable material, a production technology and make a functional sample for testing that will meet your requirements the best. We use materials and a technology, which meet the strictest quality and ecology criteria.

Catalogue FEFCO

Offset printing

We offer offset printing up to format B0 (100 x 140 cm). We operate two printing machines, five-colour large format sheet machine Planeta Varimat P57 and two-colour P27 SW. We provide natural and also coated papers and cardboards in 150-600 gsm.

Varnishing and lamination

Surface finishing using varnishing (printing, dispersion and UV varnish) or lamination significantly rises resistance of a package to a damage and highlights its attractiveness by reviving colours. Applying printing or dispersion varnish is being done during printing either on a whole area or locally. We offer UV varnishing up to 120 x 160 cm. We can provide surface finishing by partial UV varnish or lamination.

Steinemann varnishing unit UV mat 126/2

This varnishing unit can process material at maximum grammage from 8 mm thickness. Varnishing format is from 35 x 50 cm to 120 x 60 cm. Varnishing can be applied only on a whole area, classic gloss varnish or adhesive gloss UV varnish can be used.

  • maximum format 1200 x 1600 mm
  • processing 120 - 600 g/m2


One of advantages of litho-laminated packages is a combination of high-quality printing and strength properties of corrugated or solid cardboard. We laminate cardboards on a two-ply corrugated board (type B, E, F), double wall corrugated board and tri-wall corrugated board up to size 100 x 140 cm. We also laminate solid cardboard in grammage 600 - 1850 gsm up to format 100 x 140 cm.

Cutting off, glueing, completation

We possess three cutting machines that cut off sheets in formats B0, A0 and B2 in any shapes. Laser technology used while manufacturing knives guarantee required precision of cuts. Cut packages are put together, glued (one, two or three sections) and completed for transportation. Most of packages are transported flat way. Transportation of completed products is provided by our contractual partners.

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